Wednesday, June 4, 2008


old oakland is koo i never knew they had farmers market there. i have passed threw there but i never really just walked threw there but it was koo it seemes like a old place to be at but they have good food and its also koo because u Rite next to broadway so u can find more food. the people that were working in the farmers market werent really frmo oakland they were all from other citys. they were nice people they werent really rude. i would recommed for you to go because u can go check it out for your self.


when we arrived at Frisco it seemed Koo i wasn't expecting on walking a lot. we kinda did but it was a whatever. you can tell wen your headed to the Castro because of the flags and the types of stores they have there. the Castro wasn't how i thought it would be. i thought it was going to be like a plain street but no it was the opposite they were hills and i hate walking hill so i kinda didn't like going over there, but i heard that they have some good restaurants. i would recommend for people to go just so they wont be stuck at there house

Tuesday, June 3, 2008


East oakland's graffiti is very "UNEAK" every writer has his or her own style. If you know the person u kan tel what they do because u know the style they got.when u walk around oakland you see al the types of graff u see "cake,mofoe,astro,rack,carts,eker,peeps,reactr,hrk" alot of people, i like going to the yards and look at all the graff. i like seeing "antes and manor" from concord i like the style antes has its koo. not that many people from the town go paint at other citys' graff is dead rite now all u see are lil toys tryna come up they make oakland look bad.

Friday, May 30, 2008


On our trip to rockridge we expirienced some rude people and some nice. we interviewed people from different citys that went to rockridge to visit or because thats were they work. i thought rockridge was going to be like a mini walnut creek but it wasnt its still oakland but its more clean and safe there still grafffiti on the walls but not as much. in every store that we went to they had a sign that said "oakland police we look out for each other" i was like what the hell why do they have this they dont be geting robbed. also when i was walking around there poeple would look at me like if i was some kind of criminal, this one guy looked like if he was scared of me he kept looking at me like if i was going to kill him or something. some similarities i saw was that there was still graffiti and there were still some homeless people. some differences i saw was that rockridge was more clean then were i live and also there wasnt a lot of people walking in the streets.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008


It is 9:00 pm i just left ma house I'm riding my bike,I'm going to the yards i got a backpack full of paint. on the way to the yards I'm tagging people see me but i don't care i get to e.14 i see my Patna i tell him "lets go paint" so he jumps on my bike . were riding down to seminary we go down seminary we reach San Leandro street we make a left we go to 54Th we enter the yards i see all the Koo pieces and a lot of homeless people were walking with my bike were getting ready to paint you can't see that much its to dark then all of a sudden we hear dogs barking sounded like pit bulls so I'm like f**k it i start running ma Patna starts running we get to a fence he jumps it ma legs are aching i jump to the fence i hear the dogs right next to me i try to jump it i couldn't i was scarred the dogs were gonna kill me but i couldn't hold on i let then i start running to the street i fill something wet in my hand i look my hand is cut open i couldn't believe it it felt fake then it started hurting i fall to the ground ma Patna sees me he comes back to help me i left my bike in the yards i start walking to San Leandro street my Patna takes off his shirt and wraps it around my wrist so we can stop the bleeding but it doesn't I'm feeling cold and tired i called my brother to pick me up so we're walking back to seminary we see him he wants to go back to my house but i tell him we gotta go to the hospital so we go to Alta bates summit i get 17 stitches in my right hand i couldn't believe this was happening to me I'm just layen down in the hospital bed thinking about everything that has happen to me in my life.


Fruitvale and Chinatown are very different places. in Chinatown the people there look really rushed and busy. In Fruitvale they look calm doing what they have to do. in chinatown they have a lot of asian stores and in fruitvale there are a lot of hispanic stores.


My neighborhood is all about drugs. all u see are crackheads walking around the block looking for there crack. just yesterday the police came and arrested this one dude and its like the 3rd time they got him. it doesn't really bother me if they sell there but if they start messing with me or my family its all bad for them, they think we don't know was up they sell that stuff right next to my house and it doesn't bother them. they get a lot of customers white,black,Latinos it don't matter they just want to get their money.